What is a “Scandi” knife or Scandinavian grind?


A “Scandi” refers to the type of grind used to produce the blade’s edge. AKA the ‘Sabre Grind’, the Scandi is characterized by consisting of only one primary flat bevel. This is in contrast to many other grinds, like the 'Flat Grind' A 'Full Flat' Grind will have one large bevel from spine to edge, with a secondary bevel making up the finer edge. , which will have a large primary bevel acutely angled from the spine downward, then a small, steeper grind making up the finder edge of the blade. The Scandi grind is usually beveled ⅓ to ½ of the way from the edge to the spine. For these reasons, the Scandi grind is an easy grind to achieve and maintain— even for beginners—as all it requires is laying the knife flat onto the grinding stone. This flat grind makes Scandi knives very sturdy and great for heavy wood work.

What is a “Scandi” knife or Scandinavian grind?

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